Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cuban Rotation: An Exercise To Strengthen Your Shoulder

Strengthening the muscles that make up the shoulder is essential to prevent injury when weight training, so today we give an alternative to the traditional exercises that are used for this purpose and show you how to perform Cuban press or Cuban rotation, an exercise to strengthen your shoulder.

The Cuban press or Cuban rotation working primarily deltoid, A muscle that is part of rotator cuff shoulder and whose strength helps prevent injury when performing any exercise where the shoulder joint is involved.

For Cuban rotation must take a dumbbell in each hand or a bar made with both hands and raise arms to shoulder height, bent down and forward through the elbows, do a rotation of the shoulders so that the hands move from being towards the floor to make up the head.

It is an exercise which should be very careful we cannot carry too much weight nor is it suitable for beginners. Whenever you perform a rotation of the shoulder, the ideal is to work with very little weight, and then this shall also apply for the muscles located there.

Since most exercises we do not usually apply to work shoulder all the small muscles that form the rotator cuff Shoulder rotation Cuban working this part of the body is of great importance in achieving a comprehensive and effective training at the time of strengthening muscles this area.

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