Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cuban Rotation: An Exercise To Strengthen Your Shoulder

Strengthening the muscles that make up the shoulder is essential to prevent injury when weight training, so today we give an alternative to the traditional exercises that are used for this purpose and show you how to perform Cuban press or Cuban rotation, an exercise to strengthen your shoulder.

The Cuban press or Cuban rotation working primarily deltoid, A muscle that is part of rotator cuff shoulder and whose strength helps prevent injury when performing any exercise where the shoulder joint is involved.

For Cuban rotation must take a dumbbell in each hand or a bar made with both hands and raise arms to shoulder height, bent down and forward through the elbows, do a rotation of the shoulders so that the hands move from being towards the floor to make up the head.

It is an exercise which should be very careful we cannot carry too much weight nor is it suitable for beginners. Whenever you perform a rotation of the shoulder, the ideal is to work with very little weight, and then this shall also apply for the muscles located there.

Since most exercises we do not usually apply to work shoulder all the small muscles that form the rotator cuff Shoulder rotation Cuban working this part of the body is of great importance in achieving a comprehensive and effective training at the time of strengthening muscles this area.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Tips To Deal With The Return To Routine

The end of August represents for many the end of your holiday too. As of now we have a long wait in a year we can again enjoy the much awaited holiday. It is this fact that makes many people suffer what is known as post holiday depression. For this reason and to avoid this situation in Fitness and Nutrition blog want to give some advice on how best to deal with the return to daily routine .

The post holiday depression is usually a temporary state of melancholy for the period that has been lost of fun and lack of accountability. When we return to the routine we find it particularly difficult, and this requires us to adapt gradually to the responsibilities for couplings without suffering a penalty or situation of distress that may appear on many people at this time.

Gradually return to routine

First it is important that we return to the usual routine not just come from vacation. Going to work and is enough, so the other responsibilities such as courses in many chaos to the gym ... we leave a little aside the first week to adapt back to everyday life. It is true that many of these activities represent a safety valve, but better than the first few days let the free time to enjoy it with friends, family, and no responsibilities.


Gradually it is important that we begin to engage in activities that serve us as a safety valve and keep us entertained. Once we have used to work schedules, which, as we mentioned before is usually the first week, you should begin to take our time with activities to keep us distracted. When choosing the type of action that we do need to bear in mind our taste to choose the one that suits us.

At this time we have at our disposal many things to do and which fill our time. All courses start, leaving many collectibles market for DIY crafts and activities at home, start a new course also in the gym with new friends and perhaps new facilities have been renovated during the summer, we can consider a sport and so while we are distracted to care for our body...

Caring for the food

A proper diet is essential. It is important to lay hold of foods that give us energy and encouragement back to us at this time of year. Eating the right amount of vitamins needed by our body through fruit and vegetables, as well mouthed comprehensive source grain to have the charged pillar is essential. Food such as tea or coffee we provide stimulating substances such as protein or caffeine will help keep us more alert and a state of greater excitement to achieve better mood. Of course, we should not overdo the amount or abuse of these substances too.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Post-Holiday Depression, Some Tricks To Make It More Bearable

September is a month fateful for many, and that means back to work and our daily routine. Because of this many people suffer what is known as post holiday depression. A mood can be mitigated if we know what it is and how to combat it.

The post holiday depression is a mood in which our behavior and predisposition is affected by having to return to our responsibilities. This state has a significant impact on our body, is that we are sad and helpless to meet the routine again. Usually is very important how we feel in our jobs.

This mood is when our work environment is too absorbent, stressful or dehumanized. It important that we feel comfortable with what we do not to assume a hard shot to return to our job. But when this is not so all we can do is be positive to avoid having a low mood that will worsen our overall health.

What is certain is that sadness returning to work is more common than we think, but to improve our state and that this return is not so traumatic it is important to follow some guidelines. We anticipate the return gradually to work. It is important to return a few days before our house to start to get used to the routine.

We must take into account the objectives we want to achieve at work to concentrate on getting, yes; they have to be real and accessible. In this area we should focus on improving our weaknesses. It is important to seek help from peers. It is essential to have friends in our work environment that can trust and with whom we can unburden.

It is advisable reduce anxiety with relaxation exercises, walks, sports, yoga ... rewarding activities will help to eliminate stress. But above all it is important maintain a good working environment and enjoyable. It is not advisable to create a climate of tension and hostility in the workplace has, as this will make us more uphill every day.

From now on we maintain a more positive attitude around holiday if we have good health. This just wide to follow these little recommendations, although it is normal to feel somewhat listless first few days.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Five Tips To Lose Weight And Getting Back On A Diet

There have been many people before or during this summer have conducted multiple diets thinning to lose those extra kilos that brings them both head. This practice is unfortunately more common than we think, is that many people that chain one to another without finishing diet to lose those kilos never their excess allowances. So this time we want to five tips to lose weight permanently and definitively.

As we know restrictive diets are one of the main enemies when maintain a healthy weight. It is therefore necessary that acquire a common set of habits and routine we follow to the letter not to win kilos of control. It is simply a series of simple, basic rules that will be of great help and will get your metabolism activate properly.

Running away from restrictive diets

First we must remember that any restrictive diet is good. Moreover, dieting is a mistake because just this fact creates anxiety in many people doing that hunger to grow and eat more food out of control. You simply need us to take things in their mouth healthy, but of all kinds. Foods that should be must-haves fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meat, eggs, cereals, nuts ...)

Whole Grains

The grains should always be integrated. True, they are the basis of the food pyramid, but it is important we eat according to the amount of physical activity that made, as they give us energy. Of course, to consume grain composition is complex, so the body takes longer to digest, which will give us the energy that is distributed better throughout the day; the fullest and thereby avoiding accumulates as fat.

An order in meals

Do not delete any of the meals is basically the same respect the timetable. It is necessary throughout the day we perform five meals we will avoid episodes of hunger to eat more and make the body store more reserves for future episodes of hunger. Ideally, you never go hungry to eat. Ideal is not sharing the food they ate three times before five in order to consume less food each time and avoid hunger.

Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast is a fundamental part of our diet. We should never skip this meal should contain all kinds of nutrients, especially carbohydrates to charge the battery first thing in the morning. The breakfast will make our metabolism is activated since we get up and run much faster. A good breakfast we will also hold up much better for lunch.


Exercising daily is something we must keep in mind. It is not necessary to practice any elite sport or anything like that, simply by walking for half an hour a day and perform various actions to be active as housework, climbing stairs, walking to go to work ... These actions but does not seem like we enough to help in maintaining the line without realizing it, in addition to improving our health.

Rosemary: An Unknown Source of Calcium

Among the herbs aromatic most popular and find the rosemary that in addition to spice up our plates, is an unknown source of calcium, A mineral of great importance and abundance in the human body, whose share can be achieved more easily if we include this herb to your diet.

The fresh rosemary has 315 mg calcium per 100 grams; a handful of this herb can have almost 100 mg of this mineral. But if you use dried rosemary and dried, as a spice with only two teaspoons can reach the level of calcium of milk, and that for every 100 grams provides 1280 mg of the mineral.

The rosemary is an herb that goes well with roasted potatoes or yams, and also makes a perfect pair with meats of all kinds. We can easily add rosemary and add to our preparations calcium our diet to benefit the body with this mineral in addition to maintaining healthy bones and teeth, aids in muscle contraction and the functioning of the nervous system.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Insanity Workout, A Revolution In The Fitness World

They are constantly emerging new trends in training for a body in perfect condition. There are many programs that arise from time to time, so some end up being a fad and many others become a current that pulls many followers because of the results we achieve with its execution. One of these new trends is the Workout Insanity, A program that is becoming very popular for several reasons.

Have always been very popular canned training routines that we offered through video in which an important personality in the world of fitness we had to personal trainer at home. This is the case of Insanity Workout, a training program we do in our own home and where you just need your body to perform all the routines that are going to present.

This method of training is one of the most sweeping of late, and that is a perfect combination of different training techniques that will help us tone up and burn calories eliminating fat our surplus, and getting a good muscle tone. In fact, this training program guarantees results within sixty days of starting to execute. Yes, it is necessary perseverance and dedication to get what you're looking for.

What makes this training unique and different from what we know is its intensity and amount of blending modes. It is training sessions of maximum intensity in which they combine different types of aerobic exercises with other anaerobic. This mixture is what you get proper muscular work, since they encourage you to keep toned and active, while we performed a cardiac workout that will help us to consume more calories and eliminate fat is left over.

The Workout Insanity does is start working the body part through specific exercises for this area, to keep order and keep the body active and worked. The secret is in the high-intensity exercise. It is true that the burden will rise is not high, because it is our own body, but being fast routines and concentrated in the area, the results are very good.

The sessions focus on repetitions in a row and quick exercises that are intertwined with each other very nearly as rest periods between sets are too short. Thus what we get is to make a complete aerobic exercise while we are working the muscles of the body. The waste of energy to each session lard is high, it is estimated that burn a thousand calories per one hour session, so the Workout Insanity can be a good way to train at home.

It is important that we are clear that it is a high intensity training. Although it is true that there are various levels to people who have not done any sport or others that are more showers in the matter. Either way, we consider this practice appropriate for people who already have a base as far as body work through the exercise is concerned, and that because of the rapidity of resistance exercise and requires that each session is necessary and we have some prior practice.

The Pectoral Muscle Grateful But Easy To Lose

The pectoral muscle is one of the most revered in bodybuilding. It is a large muscle that will soon appreciate the volume to start working, but we also see as pectoral deflates in a while we stopped train.

If you frequently go to the gym or do sports, but do not specifically tone or chest can keep it, but if we stop sports activities for several days the pectoral muscle is one of the most notable aspect in which the loss of muscle mass because few tasks of everyday life need this muscle.

An easy and simple blanket if we train is to stop the famous push-ups. With 2-3 sets of push-ups a day for 10-20 repetitions pectoral can keep active and avoid losing the work that we have gained chest. This will achieve miracles but not much slower if the loss of muscle mass.

The friendly face of the muscle does not usually work every day is that as we get them in gym noticed a great improvement, but also when we leave that specific work the muscle returns to its origins and loose ballast. Only with a day job can get the chest is maintained as we, with volume and being felt in the upper body.